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eVeDrug offers innovative solutions combining health vigilances and eHealth.

Our Pharmacovigilance, Devices vigilance and Cosmetovigilance outsourced software can be used autonomously... or coupled to specific mobile applications or online forms for more efficient data management.

Pharmacovigilance, the vigilance of medical devices and that of cosmetic products evolve outside their initial perimeters. Solutions must enable simple, fast and secure notifications. These real-time notifications make it possible to better match the needs of the market and avoid any loss of information (a recurring problem of "paper" circuits).

All our applications are hosted at Claranet, a hoster having the french agreement HADS (Authorized Host of Data of Health) to guarantee the confidentiality, the integrity, the availability and the traceability of the sensitive information related to the use of our applications.

Club Utilisateurs 2024

Dans l'attente de vous accueillir en cette journée du 6 Juin 2024, toute l'équipe vous remercie de votre confiance !

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